No Protection in Canada

Posted by – January 26, 2008

I had never imagined myself being a pro-gun sort of person as I had always thought of it as leading to more violence, however as I have grown up and hopefully grown wiser I now know this to not be the case.

I was reading 50 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know and Dial 911 and Die (one lead to the other) and was rather shocked to find a plethora of cases where it was stated by precedent that the police and fire department are not legally required to protect you in any way. It even goes on to state that during a triple murder, rape, and kidnapping, the police didn’t bother to respond till much later and sent only one officer to find the suspects, and when they were found the kidnapped twelve year old girl was already long dead.

This of course, got me thinking about how at times, one can feel somewhat vulnerable walking the streets of my neighborhood especially when it gets dark. Not to say I live in a bad neighborhood, but it is in the middle of downtown where it is unfortunately common to see homeless people, drug addicts and the occasional mugging or random assault.

Under Canadian law, one cannot carry any weapon for means of protection. No mace, no pocket knives, no guns, no big sticks. So the only people who can carry such an item are criminals. Coupled with the fact that police are not required to protect you in the event your life or possessions are in danger, how on earth are you supposed to cope?

This is a very troubling predicament that I believe many Canadians are oblivious to, until it’s way too late. It’s startling that a society would allow itself to be disarmed to the point of helplessness with nothing to fall back upon.

Although I don’t condone carrying an M16 with grenade launcher attachments or AK47s, I think more thought should be put into the legislation process, and to possibly overturn parts of the criminal code to allow the protection of oneself if the police cannot be counted upon to help in these situations.

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