Month: March 2008

Thoughts on Freedom-Uplink

Posted by – March 30, 2008

Freedom-Uplink has been around off and on, for quite a number of years, each time sucking up resources and some of my money until I deem it not worthy of my time or effort and discarding it, only to change my mind and bring it back. Despite this, we tend to always have quite a following of users when we come back up. What is it that Freedom-Uplink provides, if anything, and what should I do to prevent a loss of interest on my part?

We’ve had the UplinKIRC Network up again for quite sometime and have a number of users utilizing the network for both Uplink related channels as well as PhoneLosers.Org taking up a home in #Phonelosers. This is promising as it shows that there is some interest in keeping the network alive. It shows that users like some of the public services to allow communication for their own entertainment. No content is generated through such a service however.

I have also put the old Freedom-Uplink Website up again, using the old template (fixed up) as well as the Uplink Forums hopefully to win over some souls to bring in new talent as Uplink tends to lack it. Which highlights one of the biggest problems with the whole idea of the network.

Freedom-Uplink has many users, some very dedicate, but the majority of users tend to have no useful skills or simply no motivation to give back to any community. There are a number of great friends I have that hang out, who have skills but are unable to help due to school or other commitments, and these are not the people I’m referring to. The ones who contribute little to discussions, can’t code, can’t think of ideas, can’t really do anything but take up bandwidth are really like filler, of which we have too much.

I don’t really have a solution as of yet. We’ve already tried having a closed community where you need to be approved for membership, which still sounds like a good idea. It would also allow us to look into other options such as a printed newsletter among other projects that are possible.  The downside is that the group becomes very small.  Perhaps a closed structure of members but still allow some guest users to take advantage of some of the services.  It’s possibly a good topic for the meeting today.

I really enjoy the company of most of the users as they are entertaining, and perhaps that’s enough. But if nothing ever happens, it makes it somewhat boring, and I’ve always been very conscious of what may be wasting my time that could be spent on other endeavors.

Any suggestions are more than welcome and appreciated. I just wanted to get this out there.

Review: Atheist Experience

Posted by – March 28, 2008

The Atheist Experience is a live weekly call-in public access television show broadcasting from Austin, TX that has been taking up a lot of my time as of late. Mind you since you only really need the audio, you can turn it on and go about your business while still fully enjoying the program.

While the show is geared towards explaining the atheist stance to theists, a lot can still be learned and entertainment is to be had as a hoard of religious and non-religious callers alike call in to explain their stance on the whole “debate”. Week after week, all the callers failing to provide any proof or substance to the reasoning behind their blind faith.

The show generally begins with a brief overview of material of the day’s topic from a variety of co-hosts. Then the phone lines are opened for rebuttals or just general chit-chat and usually hilarity of some sort will ensue. However don’t be fooled, this show isn’t completely about entertainment but for education for those who don’t understand the atheist stance (Simply: Atheists don’t BELIEVE in God). It’s also a great tool for atheists who wish to learn more about holding ones ground when debating with a theist (as if it wasn’t easy enough already).

Although the circular reasoning and the never ending barrage of the same questions over and over can become tiring, it’s all made up for by the people who call in to honestly ask why is it that we don’t all die when the sun goes down, and the fact that we don’t is adequate proof to justify the existence of a God. Another gem from the same caller is why we don’t get electrocuted when we take a shower if in fact our body creates energy from the food matter we eat, as he believed we were powered by God.

I’ve decided to include a YouTube clip of just one caller who seems to believe that it takes just as much faith if not more to not believe in God, than it does to not believe. We’ll see what happens, I might also note that the YouTube Comments are quite entertaining as well.

All in all it’s a great show, and after just a few episodes I’m sure you’ll be just as hooked.




A lot of people viewing this post ahve been looking for the clip of the caller who tried to argue why we don’t all die when the sun goes down, and also brought up why we don’t get electrocuted in the shower because our bodies store energy in them: