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Posted by – May 15, 2008

I’m a bit troubled with the lack of an atheist or freethinkers group in Regina, Saskatchewan. If there is one, I certainly cannot find any mention or advertisement for one online or through the local papers. Although we don’t really ahve a huge bible thumping community here either, it’d be nice to find like-minded individuals to discuss various topics with. So anyone who is interested in starting one, feel free to get in touch with me in the comments or email me.

Also, I’ve always thought that Freedom-Uplink was always somewhat of a freethinkers group, I think I’d like to play that up a lot more. THis is something I’ll probably ponder over the next few days. I think the major problem is the members are so fleeting when anything resembling work arises, which leads to a lot of inactivity.

The reason I bring this up however, is due to the brochure I was given today by the Jehovah’s Witness’ I’ve been doing the bible study with. It’s about creationism. That may be enough for the majority of you to know what I’m getting at. For the rest of you, my main problem with this writing I was given, is that it’s an insult to my intelligence (well, if it wasn’t given to me under such good intentions). The lack of science, the flawed arguments, the blatant lies and above all the lack of real research.

I might ask to see if I can copy and share the brochure so I can show you guys just how crazy it is.

That’s all I have for now.

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  1. Dave says:

    Hi, just happened to stumble across your comments and was wondering the same thing, there is not a strong or even existent atheist community in part of the bible belt of Western Canada…. not sure if this link is still working but will see if you can reply.

    Take Care,


  2. Inferno says:

    Hey Dave!

    Yeah it’s unfortunate that we have no real atheist community even near here. I notice that there are a lot of people (or maybe it’s just who I surround myself with) who are completely apathetic towards religion. They tend to believe in a higher power, but don’t care that I’m a non-believer or about organized religion. I have a few friends that don’t seem to be believers at all but prefer fence sitting “agnostic” which is really disingenuous to the term.

    Anyway it’s good to hear from you Dave. Judging by your email address I assume you’re somewhere in Saskatchewan aswell. I don’t know if you listen to any atheist podcasts such as the Non-Prophets or the Atheist Experience TV Show but they recommend that if you want an atheist community you put an ad in the newspaper with a handful of people and go from there.

    I’m open for discussion of trying to get things started if you are.


  3. Dave says:

    Hi Jon,

    Sorry about the extreme delay in my response, I don’t normally frequent this board and just remembered that I had left a comment.

    In your first comment, you had mentioned a visit from the JW’s. I had a similar visit from the local Mormon group and had an interesting discussion. My main request of these visitors was some collaborating evidence to support their claims. They had plenty of evidence to offer from the book of Mormon. It’s quite a fantastic story and there shouldn’t be any problem to find evidence outside of their book that would at least agree in some way with their claim, but there has been nothing discovered. Anyways, they never came back (must have permanently written me out of their list of houses to visit).
    I’ve listened to the Non-Prophets and Atheist Experience, really enjoy the shows but not sure if I would have the talent to put something like that together.

    I would be interested in forming a group and getting something like this going.

    Bye for Now,


  4. Inferno says:

    Good to hear your still around. I plan to email you to discuss this idea a bit further if you don’t mind. Mentioning this here to let people know I didn’t ignore you.

    As for the Mormons I have had a little run in with them as a friend of mine from school has been indoctrinated since he was a young kid, I got a copy of the Book of Mormon and plan to read it, but don’t know what to expect. Especially after seeing videos such as this:


  5. Dana says:

    Hey if something like this were to get started in regina i would be more than happy to jion.

  6. saskskeptic says:

    The Saskatoon Skeptics and Freethinkers are trying to find enough people to start a Regina group.

    I have an email list of six people, there are three on this post. I think Kendra (from the Freethinkers) has a couple more. That sounds like enough people for a party.

    If you want to send me your email addresses I can add them to my list. Also respond to the saskskeptics blog post, so others can see you are out there.

    Feel free to join the Saskatoon groups.

    Our main websites are,, and

  7. jack says:

    please email me at it looks like this was posted ages ago, but I would like to start a atheist or freethinkers group in Regina.

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