It’s Highly Improbable You Should Be Alive!

Posted by – December 3, 2008

I’ve had many discussions with theists who’s biggest argument for the existence of a deity (not only a deity, but their chosen and very specific deity) is that the universe as we know it is incredibly improbable.  If it took just one billionth of a second more for gravity to be created during the big bang, the universe would be a VERY different place.  This is entirely correct, the variables involved in the creation of the universe are of  (although this could change, ) which brings to mind Chaos Theory which is in fact completely relevant.

Anyway, getting back on track, I’d like you to imagine just how improbable it is that YOU, just YOU are alive on this planet right now.  Every single one of your ancestors was able to escape any predator, whether it be lion, tiger, bear or even dinosaur (we evolved after all)!  They then proceeded to work all their lives to attain food, and procure mates, both as animals till they developed into early humans, then modern, through the stone age, bronze age, iron, dark, every portion in human history.  All along the way living lives, both happy, probably some horribly depressing, but either way successful enough to pass on their genes.  This goes for both sides of your family, without the other who knows if you would exist.

The amount of variables involved in just the creation of you, one individual person is pretty much unimaginable.  If even one of your ancestors died prematurely, or decided upon a different career, or stepped off a curve at the wrong time, you wouldn’t exist.

However the fact that you exist, doesn’t mean that it’s a divine miracle.  It’s simply the fact that if it happened any other way, you wouldn’t be here to complain or even think about it.  Think of all the people who ARE NOT here because their ancestors failed.  I’d imagine the number to be MUCH larger than those who are here.

Just something I’ve been thinking about lately.

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