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Posted by – December 6, 2008

Linksys Network Storage System with 2 Bays (NAS200)

Linksys Network Storage System with 2 Bays (NAS200)

while ago but only a few posts ago I discussed how I had ordered a Linksys NAS200, and I had high hopes, which were a bit downed by poor reviews by others but I was pleasantly surprised with it’s performance.  The price is a bit more than an external USB encloser but I wanted storage that would be network-wide and easily upgradable.  The NAS200 is just that, it supports two drive bays, with SATA2 and SATA backwards compatibility (be sure to move the jumper on your harddrive, as most are set for just plain SATA out of the box).

Some Cool Features (The Good):

  • Network attached, so you don’t need to find some crazy way to hookup a USB network or filesharing through another PC that has to stay on in order for your storage to work.
  • Supports the addition of USB2 drives, for additional storage to be added to your network.
  • Supports FTP and HTTP protocols over the network and Internet for easy off-site filesharing.
  • Built in media server, so you can share media to UPnP AV digital media adapters  (like the Xbox 360, so I can access my movies, music and pictures).
  • Web based management for easy setup and the less technically inclined.  Also worth noting this can be managed off-site, great if you need to add storage to your parents network that you can safely watch over and backup.
  • Price is very competitive.
  • Supports individual, JBOD, RAID 0 and RAID 1.
  • Comes with client backup software.

The Bad:

  • Seems slow to wake-up, when opening windows explorer it’ll hang for about 5 seconds while the NAS’s drive spins up.
  • Slower data transfer rate than I expected from Linksys.  People have clocked it at 3.9mb/s at best.  It’s never really been an issue for me though, but just FYI.
  • During disk scans and power up the NAS will be unresponsive for several minutes.  Not a big deal if you don’t power it off regularly, or schedule disk scans at bad times.
  • Additional USB disks need to be reformatted before they can be mounted.

That’s about it.  Overall I’m quite happy with my purchase, I do feel Linksys dropped the ball though on not adding polish and fixing that data transfer rate.  I use to think Linksys was a good name for quality consumer networking appliances but since their apparently lack of effort on the NAS200 and their failure to update the Linksys router firmware which lead me to using Tomato firmware I’ve changed my mind.  I’ve never had issues with my D-Link hardware.

But I digress.  If you need an affordable backup NAS and don’t mind the slower speed of the transfer rate and the minor kinks, you really can’t go wrong with using the Linksys NAS200.  If you have extra cash to burn for no other reaosn than to get something shiny, or you need quick write-speeds then maybe it isn’t for you.

More Images:

Linksys NAS200 Front Panel.

Linksys NAS200 Front Panel.

Linksys NAS200 Back Panel.

Linksys NAS200 Back Panel.

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