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Posted by – July 20, 2009

Knowing Movie Poster

Knowing Movie Poster, avoid at all costs.

There are movies that are crap, and then there are movies you regret even watching, this would be in the latter category.

The movie starts well, and is pretty darn interesting up until about 3/4 through.  It’s about a young girl Lucinda who hears voices in her head, she writes down these numbers that they told her and the numbers are put into the school’s time capsule for fifty years.

Fast-forward five decades and Nicholas Cage’s son gets a hold of her note/letter to the future.  Cage soon discovers that the numbers coincide with large scale deaths since Sept 11, 2001.  He then discovers the end of the world, and it’s date.

It’s a pretty good premise and story, which is why it angers me so that it goes downhill so quick.  However I can’t explain why without giving out spoilers, so here is the warning (although I strongly urge everyone to avoid this movie like a plague).


Alright so Cage uncovers all these clues including that the Earth will be destroyed by a giant solar flare, and finds out the coordinates they’re suppose to be at to be saved!  However his female counter-part ran off with the children as she was panicking about getting to some caves to try and avoid the carnage.

So eventually Cage gains control again and they rush to the spot to find out that only the children can go with the SPACE ALIENS.  They cry and sob for a bit, the kids go off to their new planet.  We then  watch for 15 minutes as Cage cries, drives to his parents, gives his estranged Dad a hug and then watch them (as well as the world’s inhabitants) melt.

Needless to say I was pissed.  I wasted all this time following all these clues just to have them die in the end anyway?  I’m a fan of twist endings where everyone dies (The Myst) but this wasn’t a movie where this should happen.  There was way too much emphasis on clues and finding out what’s going on to just up and die.

Consider for a moment that if in an Indiana Jones movie if you watch him go through all this trouble solving problems and finding clues just to have him shot and die in the end.  It’d be absolute garbage.

And that’s exactly what this movie was.  If you enjoyed Wicker Man, you may enjoy this movie, otherwise they might as well of spit in my face, or played a 30 second short of the film so I at least wouldn’t be so upset that this movie wasted my time.

2 Comments on Review: Knowing

  1. Georgia says:

    I love this movie!! Haha! But only the first bit that you liked. I’m one of those strange people who will watch the first hour of an intriguing movie over and over and just turn it off when it gets to the bad part. I continually re-watch all the resident evil movies and just skip past the really ridiculous action bits. I’m weird.

  2. Inferno says:

    That’s certainly weird. I don’t think I know anybody who does that.

    My brother used to watch the same movies over and over like it was a religious experience though. I can recall Terminator 2 (an awesome movie by any standard to be fair) with pretty damn near perfect recall. I can only imagine he can quote the damn thing word for word. Then again he was quite young when he did that, don’t think he does it anymore.

    Whatever you enjoy, but you can’t really say the movie is good if you view it that way.

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