.999… Equals 1

Posted by – October 15, 2009

While I’ve heard this before in many places, I’ve never had the interest in actually seeking out why or infact IF this was true.  At face value it really does seem to be wrong, because .9 repeating is just every so slightly less than 1.  However I’ve now been thouroughly convinced this is not true.

This made the whole argument click for me.

This made the whole argument click for me.

This was the most convincing proof for me, is located on the left.  However I strongly urge any nerds out there to read the small blog post I’ve linked to below as he goes over the problem in several ways that might help prove it to you too.

The concept of HOW it could equal one is still mind boggling but at least now I can confidently state that it in fact DOES.

I think this might also be a neat trick to freak people out, but then again maybe I’m nerding-out thinking people would be impressed by a mathematical proof.  Or maybe I’m just hanging out with all the right people.  I’ll take the latter.

Read the full post here

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