Review: Zombieland

Posted by – October 30, 2009

Zombieland Movie Poster

Zombieland Movie Poster

The wife has been wanting to see this movie for awhile and we finally got our chance.  While I was looking forward to it, this movie didn’t strike me as anything ground breaking or a must-see movie in theatres, and to be honest it really wasn’t.

That isn’t to say that the movie wasn’t entertaining, but it sort of followed a cookie cutter design and nothing really unpredictable occurs.  The most catchy thing about the movie is the humour in the fact that “Rules” appear on the screen which break the fourth wall but provide comedic relief.  This will most likely become an Internet meme though as zombies are really “in” right now.

The movie is about a fellow named Columbus (or at least nicknamed) who has made a habit of making “rules to follow” to survive the zombie invasion.  As I’ve stated these displayed the screen when they’re adhered to such as “Always check the backseat”.  He travels about America which he now deems “the United States of Zombieland” and befriends a dude, and then meets some others.

I can’t really explain much as there really isn’t much to the film, beyond the zombies there are very few characters and the film constantly broke the fourth wall for me.  While I was entertained the movie wasn’t all that spectacular, and I’d probably give this movie a “rent”.  It’s probably worth seeing, but only because of the memes it will spawn.

Sorry if this review seems a bit weak, there isn’t much I can give about the film that doesn’t give it all away.  The sum of the story could easily be fit into a paragraph.

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