Would a God Have Sympathy?

Posted by – May 20, 2010

The question is of course hypothetical but it brings up the idea that if a god or gods exist would they have any sympathy for us?

If I were to create something such as a small program that outputs ‘ow’ whenever it gets pinged would I feel bad for it? Probably not because what the program experiences is so far removed from what I conceive of as pain that I wouldn’t really care, it’s just a small program after all and it’s just doing what I created it to do.

Gods would be just as advanced or infinitely more so, thus the gap would be even wider.

For a better example imagine you have a rodent or insect problem. Many people would use poison to kill the pests, knowing that this death may not be painless nor instant. When in fact many people think this would be torture to submit people to the same thing if they were to be executed by the state.  So even within our own genetic family tree we see a lack of sympathy for fellow creatures on which we share DNA with.

So if we cannot even take pity on our fellow creatures how could someone/something that is so infinitely more disconnected care about our suffering or worries. Especially those who think their prayers for a new car or their sports team to win are important enough to warrant a gods attention.

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