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Rehash: Billy Joel’s Daughter Tries to Overdose On Homepathic Medicine

Posted by – January 19, 2010

The Stupid, It Burns!While this story has some humour in it, it’s also a serious matter for a few reasons.  For one, this young woman had attempted to commit suicide and potentially thought she was going to die.  Second of all, some people actually “believe” (as it’s more along the lines of faith healing than medicine) that homeopath works, and could forgo real treatment for drinking water.

The “medication” in question was Traumeel, which is a joint pain medication.  For those of you unaware of what homeopathy is, this would mean that they’d find a drug that CAUSES joint pain, then put it in HUGE quantities of water till it’s so diluted that none of the said drug remains, and then they usually put it on sugar-pills to dry, then package and sell it.  So what’s contained is just sugar.  The idea of homeopathy is like cures like, and the more diluted it is, the more potent it is.

So, knowing this how could she overdose on homeopathic medicine?  Probably by drinking too much water, becoming over-hydrated and dieing of water intoxication.   This is the ONLY way homeopathy can kill you (well, besides ignoring actual treatments for things and using this instead).

If she wanted to kill herself using “homeopathic logic” then she should have taken only 1/100th of a pill.  Because that would mean it’s more potent.  Or perhaps, she shouldn’t have taken any at all if she wanted to overdose, imagine how potent that would be!

If you had a headache, and it was mild, you might take one pain killer.  If it’s severe you may take two or more depending on the strength and drug.  However with homeopathy it’s the opposite, if it’s mild, you take two or more, and the more severe the headache is, the less you take.  So the most potent dose is not taking any at all.

The logic is retarded, and I’m sure it’s got to be a test to see if you even have the basic ability to form thoughts.  It defies logic on so many levels is almost makes my brain feel numb.

On the plus side, luckily Alexa Ray Joel will live to see another day.  Unfortunately there are still people out there that forgo actual treatment and drink water instead.

Why Placebos Didn’t Kill Alexa Ray Joel

P.S.  I imagine that the homeopathic community will say the reason she didn’t die is because she took too many pills, thus there was “too much” drug, which made it less potent.

I also wonder what the doctor did when he heard she OD’d on homeopathic medicine, wheeled her into the hallway?  Or would he do a procedure just to make her feel better.  Psychic surgery perhaps?

United Parcel Service: UPS Sucks

Posted by – February 26, 2009

UPS Sucks.  I hope they all shrivel up and die.

UPS Sucks. I hope they all shrivel up and die.

Not sure if many of you are aware of the sneaky underhanded tactics that UPS uses to extort money out of people, I thought I’d share a little bit from my experience. UPS for one, seems to be no better than ANY of the alternatives Purolator, Fedex, Canada Post, United States Postal Service etc. However they will cost you almost THREE FOLD MORE if your sending a package out of country. However this isn’t fees to the shipper, these are fees passed on through UPS’s own “brokerage center”. Let me explain…

My wife had bought a tiny miniature Yule tree from some place in the United states, we paid 25 dollars for it including shipping which was fine. We received it, just fine. However many months later I get this envelope from UPS stating I owe them $30USD for brokerage fees. I called up UPS who stated that since they had to carry it across the border they have to charge fees to do so.

I’ve sent and received a LOT of packages to and from the United States, and at no time was I ever charged any outrageous fee such as this. Keep in mind this is NOT a customs fee, it’s NOT being paid to the govt of Canada for taxes and levies. It’s a fee solely made up by UPS to gouge money out of unsuspecting people. I now boycott all places that ship UPS exclusively as they are horrendous and I really hope they are the first courier to shut down due to the failing US economy.

The amount of time I spent fighting this fee was insane, but I refused to pay it, nor should I have to pay it. I made no agreement that I’d pay any fees, they give you no prior notice that you’ll be charged this fee and they don’t tell you when they deliver it so you can refuse to accept it.  I even told their representatives that they can come take the item back.

They eventually gave me the credit, but this by no means absolves UPS of it’s practices.  They screw over a lot of people, people who probably would pay the fee instead of fighting it or letting it go to collections.  I really don’t care if UPS adds fees to my credit, I’ll just attach a letter stating how they tried to scam me out of the fee.  I’m not the only one to complain about this either:

Or simply Google ‘UPS Sucks‘.

Congratulations United States Parcel Service, you’re now on my shitlist.

Canadian Copyright & Neutrality Wars

Posted by – February 17, 2009

This is what Net Neutrality means.  Imagine paying for websites like you do TV Channels.

Scary Isn't it?

There have been a lot of attempts by the current Canadian Government to change Canadian copyright and Internet Neutrality law.  I personally believe that neither law needs any changing at all at this time, they are both fair and lead to the best solution for the Canadian people at this time.

I was reading my RSS feeds and stumbled upon a post on Michael Geist’s Blog:

Net neutrality is frequently re-characterized as “network management,” with ISPs arguing that they should be able to manage their networks in a manner that distinguishes between certain applications (and potentially content).  Funny, though, what happens when groups ask that the same network management tools be used for alternate purposes such as Canadian content rules.  When that happens, Rogers, the same ISP that acknowledges traffic shaping,  now says “We’re a dumb pipe. We don’t know what you’re downloading . . . so how can we be responsible for the content?”  In other words, when Rogers appears before the CRTC during the new media proceeding it runs a “dumb pipe.”  When it returns several months later for the network management proceeding, it runs a smart pipe engaged in deep packet inspection to identify the traffic on its network.

I really couldn’t put it any better than that.  ISPs in Canada want to have their cake and eat it too.  Luckily my M.P. is the Hon. Ralph Goodale who seems to have the intellect to know that both changes to the Copyright Act and the loss  of Net Neutrality spell disaster for Canadians.

Regardless of who your MP is I STRONGLY urge you to write your MP of your riding to inform them of your personal view as well as getting the word out for others to do the same.  Not to be overly dramatic but this decision will affect our children and our children’s children.

It’s Highly Improbable You Should Be Alive!

Posted by – December 3, 2008

I’ve had many discussions with theists who’s biggest argument for the existence of a deity (not only a deity, but their chosen and very specific deity) is that the universe as we know it is incredibly improbable.  If it took just one billionth of a second more for gravity to be created during the big bang, the universe would be a VERY different place.  This is entirely correct, the variables involved in the creation of the universe are of  (although this could change, ) which brings to mind Chaos Theory which is in fact completely relevant.

Anyway, getting back on track, I’d like you to imagine just how improbable it is that YOU, just YOU are alive on this planet right now.  Every single one of your ancestors was able to escape any predator, whether it be lion, tiger, bear or even dinosaur (we evolved after all)!  They then proceeded to work all their lives to attain food, and procure mates, both as animals till they developed into early humans, then modern, through the stone age, bronze age, iron, dark, every portion in human history.  All along the way living lives, both happy, probably some horribly depressing, but either way successful enough to pass on their genes.  This goes for both sides of your family, without the other who knows if you would exist.

The amount of variables involved in just the creation of you, one individual person is pretty much unimaginable.  If even one of your ancestors died prematurely, or decided upon a different career, or stepped off a curve at the wrong time, you wouldn’t exist.

However the fact that you exist, doesn’t mean that it’s a divine miracle.  It’s simply the fact that if it happened any other way, you wouldn’t be here to complain or even think about it.  Think of all the people who ARE NOT here because their ancestors failed.  I’d imagine the number to be MUCH larger than those who are here.

Just something I’ve been thinking about lately.

Using Your Real Name Online

Posted by – November 20, 2008

I’ve been using handles for years, the most prominent being DarkkInferno, which as morphed to “Darkk Inferno” to just plain “Inferno” as of late.  I decided upon this username for many reasons, shortly after I took my first year or so on the Internet.  Up till then I used many other handles while I freqented the ANSI BBS community around at the time.

How one could imagine me...

How one could imagine me... although I'd advise against it.

Handles were sort of an old school thing, everyone had one.  It was to ensure privacy and security (through obscurity mind you) of your online activities.  However today, handles are seen as a bit strange, and perhaps childish or at worst only used by cyber criminals and online child predators.  It’s a sad state of affairs, especially when harvesting people’s information and stealing their identities is such an epidemic right now.

However, over the years I have carried on an argument with myself on whether I’d prefer using my realname online, or stay with a handle.   I have tried it both ways, but inevitable waivered back to using a handle.  I think this is mostly because I’m still young and my opinions seem to change quite frequently, and unfortunately some opinions of mine (especially my open atheism) seems to cause some knee-jerk reactions.  The things I may say on this blog, or in forum communities, may translate into a company choosing not to hire me as the interviewer who Googled me decided that I’m a heretic, or not a good person because of my lack of faith.  So for the last few years I’ve been happy with the fact of using a username, and keeping my name relatively free from the Internet.

Things have changed as of a few months ago though, as it turns out I have some relative who has the same name as I do, the only difference (as far as I can tell, is our middle name).  This is most unfortunate because it’s a rather uncommon name, which is why when I EgoSurf, it comes up with his results.  It’s not too bad, but he seems to be running a personal servant business, where he takes out people’s trash and cleans dishes or something.  Not exactly something I’d want to show up on a google search for myself.  So I’ve been tempted to rebrand all my sites, domains etc to using my full real name to prevent such problems, and infact make my results much more relavant.

I’ve even tried emailing my name twin about this problem, or even if he minds the fact that I do rebrand and storm Google (perhaps we could have agreed on both using aliases or different spellings of the name online) however I have received no replies to any correspondence, and I’m not even sure what branch of the family he hails from in order to track him down this way (my Dad’s family is socially distant to say the least).

It’s an interetsing problem I’ve been thinking over, I’m not sure of the right course.  Although I’m thinking I’d rather not get a job because of my belief and openness than I would be to not get the job because of someone else using my name.  Besides it may be a good thing, as the company that would choose not to hire me because of my openmindedness and ability to use science and reason to make an educated decision, wouldn’t be a company I’d probably want to stay at very long anyway.

Atheist Group

Posted by – May 15, 2008

I’m a bit troubled with the lack of an atheist or freethinkers group in Regina, Saskatchewan. If there is one, I certainly cannot find any mention or advertisement for one online or through the local papers. Although we don’t really ahve a huge bible thumping community here either, it’d be nice to find like-minded individuals to discuss various topics with. So anyone who is interested in starting one, feel free to get in touch with me in the comments or email me.

Also, I’ve always thought that Freedom-Uplink was always somewhat of a freethinkers group, I think I’d like to play that up a lot more. THis is something I’ll probably ponder over the next few days. I think the major problem is the members are so fleeting when anything resembling work arises, which leads to a lot of inactivity.

The reason I bring this up however, is due to the brochure I was given today by the Jehovah’s Witness’ I’ve been doing the bible study with. It’s about creationism. That may be enough for the majority of you to know what I’m getting at. For the rest of you, my main problem with this writing I was given, is that it’s an insult to my intelligence (well, if it wasn’t given to me under such good intentions). The lack of science, the flawed arguments, the blatant lies and above all the lack of real research.

I might ask to see if I can copy and share the brochure so I can show you guys just how crazy it is.

That’s all I have for now.

Bible Study

Posted by – April 24, 2008

Yes, it’s no typo or lapse of insanity (I’ve always been insane) I’ve started taking a very awkward kind of bible study with some Jehovah’s witness missionaries.  They arrived at my door a few weeks ago and I invited them in, discussing a litle about “God’s Plan” for the world once the evil people are gone, and they asked if they would be able to come back, and of course I obliged them with several visits.  However I think these meetings will be coming to an end shortly.

The best way to describe myself is an Agnostic Atheist Theravadin Buddhist which to some may seem contradictory but I assure you it is not.  I don’t have any issues about learning about the bible in a literary sense, and I actually quite enjoy listening to peoples interpretations and in some cases spin on the dogma.  I am getting quite tired of not having my questions answered however, and this is why I may end communication all together.

I’ve learned exactly (according to JW’s interpretation) how God is going to take back the Earth, why He would allow such pain and suffering to go on under His watchful eye and even how one could be saved from his wrath.  I’ve learned that the bible does not advocate voting, I’ve been informed by references of scripture that to celebrate Christmas is blasphemous (Which I knew before, but didn’t think it was so prevalent, how else can most Christians miss it?).  The problem is that with each topic that is uncovered I have about 2-3 questions that anyone who shows up cannot answer, and I’m not looking to argue or even asking the pesky questions even apologists have issues defending.  I’m asking honest well-natured questions like “Why would God create a tree of knowledge that nobody can eat from?” or “Why would God create Satan if he knew he would deceive him?  In fact wouldn’t that mean God created Satan for the purpose of going against His will?”

I understand these questions are not simple (I picked some of the hardest of the bunch to post here about), but they said that they’ll have to look into them and then get back to me, and then we’d begin reading again
.  So I feel I’m being lied to when the answers never come.  I assume this means the answers are not in the bible, but I’m surprised I don’t get a cop-out answer such as ‘God works in mysterious ways’ which I’m not sure whether I should be grateful for or not.

It makes me wonder how anyone could fall for believing in such a fairytale if such obvious questions jump out even in such a rigorous stream-lined way of studying.  I too though, feel a strange pull towards believing.  Much the same way as it is to procrastinate and not doing a research paper that is due a few weeks from now.  Taking the easy way out, the simple answer; “God did it.”.  It would be extremely easy and even comforting to believe in the story, and the way it’s been backed up with the Christian communities it’s one heck of a story, with a very happy ending.  And the best part?  You don’t really have to do anything, just believe.

I think in a strange sort of way this is what I was looking for, the answer on how one can fall for such a thing as Christianity.  I now see how easy of a trap it would be for those in a tough situation, whether it be a loss of a loved one, a horrible addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling) where they lose it all.  The pull would be great enough to suck you in, and the way it’s structured it’s near-impossible to get out and see reason, logic and truth.

I have a lot more to say on the topic, but it’s 11:15 and I need to get up in the morning.  I have not proof-read this post so it may be riddled with errors as well, but seeing as how I don’t ever post (as everything is awaiting editing) I may just start posting everything raw, and touching it up when and if I get time.  Expect updates, and a detailed breakdown of one of if not the biggest flaws  see with Christianity, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees it, but I’ve NEVER heard it discussed before.

No Protection in Canada

Posted by – January 26, 2008

I had never imagined myself being a pro-gun sort of person as I had always thought of it as leading to more violence, however as I have grown up and hopefully grown wiser I now know this to not be the case.

I was reading 50 Things You’re Not Supposed To Know and Dial 911 and Die (one lead to the other) and was rather shocked to find a plethora of cases where it was stated by precedent that the police and fire department are not legally required to protect you in any way. It even goes on to state that during a triple murder, rape, and kidnapping, the police didn’t bother to respond till much later and sent only one officer to find the suspects, and when they were found the kidnapped twelve year old girl was already long dead.

This of course, got me thinking about how at times, one can feel somewhat vulnerable walking the streets of my neighborhood especially when it gets dark. Not to say I live in a bad neighborhood, but it is in the middle of downtown where it is unfortunately common to see homeless people, drug addicts and the occasional mugging or random assault.

Under Canadian law, one cannot carry any weapon for means of protection. No mace, no pocket knives, no guns, no big sticks. So the only people who can carry such an item are criminals. Coupled with the fact that police are not required to protect you in the event your life or possessions are in danger, how on earth are you supposed to cope?

This is a very troubling predicament that I believe many Canadians are oblivious to, until it’s way too late. It’s startling that a society would allow itself to be disarmed to the point of helplessness with nothing to fall back upon.

Although I don’t condone carrying an M16 with grenade launcher attachments or AK47s, I think more thought should be put into the legislation process, and to possibly overturn parts of the criminal code to allow the protection of oneself if the police cannot be counted upon to help in these situations.