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Rehash: Billy Joel’s Daughter Tries to Overdose On Homepathic Medicine

Posted by – January 19, 2010

The Stupid, It Burns!While this story has some humour in it, it’s also a serious matter for a few reasons.  For one, this young woman had attempted to commit suicide and potentially thought she was going to die.  Second of all, some people actually “believe” (as it’s more along the lines of faith healing than medicine) that homeopath works, and could forgo real treatment for drinking water.

The “medication” in question was Traumeel, which is a joint pain medication.  For those of you unaware of what homeopathy is, this would mean that they’d find a drug that CAUSES joint pain, then put it in HUGE quantities of water till it’s so diluted that none of the said drug remains, and then they usually put it on sugar-pills to dry, then package and sell it.  So what’s contained is just sugar.  The idea of homeopathy is like cures like, and the more diluted it is, the more potent it is.

So, knowing this how could she overdose on homeopathic medicine?  Probably by drinking too much water, becoming over-hydrated and dieing of water intoxication.   This is the ONLY way homeopathy can kill you (well, besides ignoring actual treatments for things and using this instead).

If she wanted to kill herself using “homeopathic logic” then she should have taken only 1/100th of a pill.  Because that would mean it’s more potent.  Or perhaps, she shouldn’t have taken any at all if she wanted to overdose, imagine how potent that would be!

If you had a headache, and it was mild, you might take one pain killer.  If it’s severe you may take two or more depending on the strength and drug.  However with homeopathy it’s the opposite, if it’s mild, you take two or more, and the more severe the headache is, the less you take.  So the most potent dose is not taking any at all.

The logic is retarded, and I’m sure it’s got to be a test to see if you even have the basic ability to form thoughts.  It defies logic on so many levels is almost makes my brain feel numb.

On the plus side, luckily Alexa Ray Joel will live to see another day.  Unfortunately there are still people out there that forgo actual treatment and drink water instead.

Why Placebos Didn’t Kill Alexa Ray Joel

P.S.  I imagine that the homeopathic community will say the reason she didn’t die is because she took too many pills, thus there was “too much” drug, which made it less potent.

I also wonder what the doctor did when he heard she OD’d on homeopathic medicine, wheeled her into the hallway?  Or would he do a procedure just to make her feel better.  Psychic surgery perhaps?

Rehash: Neave Strobe Optical Illusion

Posted by – October 30, 2009

This was WAAAAAY too crazy to pass-up.  I had to post about this here, as it’s probably the most crazy optical illusion I’ve seen to date.  I came across it on Phil Plait’s blog and just had to pass it on.

So without further delays, here is the Neave Strobe Illusion, be warned that if you are epileptic or sensitive to flashing lights of crazy black and white moving lines to AVOID this, as it screws up my mind pretty hardcore.

Neave Strobe

Rehash: Recovering A Lost Wallet

Posted by – July 15, 2009

I found this article published on TimesOnline about some Psychologists who placed 240 wallets around Edinburgh with pictures of different things in them amazingly recovered nearly half of them.

Here’s the gist:

Put a baby picture in your wallet and your quite likely to get your wallet back (88 per cent of the 40 were returned [9 out of 10]).  Without a picture only (15 per cent were returned [1 out of  7]).

Why this works:

Scientists argue that it would be difficult to genetically code for feeling empathy exclusively towards your own child and much easier to code for feeling empathy towards all children. If you find a baby alone, there is a good chance it belongs to you, making it an effective evolutionary trait, said Dr Wiseman.

There are a lot of other tidbits in there since they also put pictures of dogs, old people and charity receipt slips and such in the wallets, and it explains how they were scattered to make a good test.  Definately hit it up if your interested.

I for one am going to start carrying a baby picture of myself or the wife.

Want To Keep your wallet? Carry a baby picture.