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Odd Hobby: Fake Titles

Posted by – April 1, 2009

I’ve had this article bouncing around for awhile now and finally thought I should get around to posting it.  I was originally just lazy, and then it occurred to me that what I may be doing could be a form of fraud.  However since I’m not actually doing this for any actual gain and don’t do it for documents that actually MATTER for anything I shouldn’t worry about it.

Some time ago I had a discussion on the UplinkIRC Network with a good friend of mine (Darkk Rage), and I explained one of my very odd hobbies.  Everyone signs up for memberships for Movie rental places, grocery store club cards or even movie theaters for the additional discounts you can receive. When filling out the applications however I tend to add titles to my name that I don’t actually have.  Such as ‘Dr’ “Sir’ “Gen’ ‘Capt’ or a wide variety of all of them combined.

Not only does the card that I receive look cool to the point of being comical (Sir Dr Capt John Smith), but when I need to call in to these places or when I’m at the store and they call me “Mr” I tend to correct them.

“I didn’t go to school for so long to be a Mr” or “I didn’t kneel before the queen to be a Mr” etc.

I got the idea when I was working for a horrible American cellphone company where disgruntled employees would add titles to random caller’s phone oders for no reason but to get a laugh for the next representative and maybe a confused call from the customer.

I got the second part (correcting people) from the fact that if you happened to have a doctor on the line and called them ‘Mr’ they’d freak out and almost start screaming, (which may be a symptom of an inferiority complex), but there was no way for us to tell their titles or not as the applications used didn’t have such a field (probably due to they were coded before such a thing were invented, fuck they were old.).

The important thing to note for this however is to NEVER do this on a tax form, or resume, or anything that it may actually MATTER if you have a title.  Not only would it be unethical, but it’d probably be fraud.

Anyone else do anything similar?  I’d love to hear other things I can do too.

Burn-E or How Pixar is Awesome

Posted by – March 16, 2009

Whether you’ve seen Wall-E or not, and whether you enjoyed the movie or not you probably agree that some of the best movies of the last two decades came out of Pixar Animation Studios.

When Pixar was bought out by Disney, I among many others were worried that like so many takeovers, the larger less creative company will absorb the smaller one and thus break up the team and thought process and kill all the skills and talent they had.  However Disney did a great thing, they pretty much let Pixar do it’s own thing like they did before, and it’s treated them well because they’ve come out with some great movies since then.

However, I wanted to state how Pixar was awesome, because even after Wall-E was made and ready to ship out Pixar made a few extras including a short which introduced us to BURN-E.  Whether it was intentional marketing move, or whether some employees were just playing around with the renderfarm I don’t know.  The fact that they actually made additional content just for the release is awesome.  It’s a shame you don’t see that more often, and it’s one way to tell that Pixar is going to be around for quite some time.

Without further delay, here’s the BURN-E short on Youtube.

Good news, everyone!

Posted by – February 23, 2009

Good news, everyone!

Good news, everyone!

Good news, everyone!

I’ve discovered a way for you to read things in Professor Farnsworth voice!

If this didn’t work it’s most likely your not much of a fan of Futurama.  If you aren’t; you should be.  It’s a great cartoon from the Creator if the Simpsons.

I don’t really have anything else to say on the matter, it’s just funny how certain phrases become so ingrained in one’s head you can use them against people.  Such as the McDonalds jingle; regardless of whether you like McDonalds you can’t help but have your internal voice complete the jingle whenever you hear “Ba Da Ba Ba Baa”.  Companies pay millions for this brainwashing to happen, yet if shows are awesome enough they become ingrained in your psyche simply by having their own catchphrases.

I’ve always wondered if this was possible for a company to include a product placement in a catchphrase on TV or in a movie.  We’ve seen horrible attempts such as in “I, Robot” with Will Smith, and we’ve seen “Harold And Kumar Go to White Castle” but nothing to the extent that Homer screams out to shop at Wal-Mart or anything crazy.  Perhaps placements such as this instantly make them uncool and thus fail, and I would only imagine they’d tarnish the show’s PR for ahwile.  Don’t know, I’m just rambling.  I hope the joke worked, if not it’s your fault for not liking cool stuff!

Edit: Found a youtube link of a bunch of Farnsworth moments of him saying his catchphrase, for those who are not familiar with the character I’m refering to: